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“There is no finish line when it comes to Sea Gulf’s Reliability, our efforts to improve performance never cease

Sea Gulf Industrial Supplies LLC is a market leading Industrial Supply & Distribution Company specializing in the Procurement, Supply & Distribution of Specialist Industrial Equipment used primarily in the Oil & Gas, Power, and Nuclear Industries in the Middle East & North Africa.

Throughout these industry sectors, we endeavour to maintain our reputation as one of the leading suppliers & distributors of high quality selected industrial products sourced by our procurement experts at the request of our valued customers. We work with some of the largest companies globally to provide superior added-value products and we are committed to focus on products and markets where we can achieve and sustain leadership positions.

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Sea Gulf was established in 1983

We are number 6 in ADNOC’s Approved Global Supplier Database

Over the past 35 years we have developed and maintained a market leading position as a direct result of our supply and service quality.

Our highly trained and experienced team ensure our suppliers provide us with the highest quality reliable products, services and support which in turn we ensure is passed onto our valuable clients.

Our clients include major Oil and Gas Companies, Refineries, & Power Generation Contractors, Airports & Universities throughout the Middle East & North Africa. We have a time tested robust & strong supply chain and are associated with renowned Manufacturers and Suppliers across Europe, USA, & Asia.

Getting the products required to do your job is critical. Sea Gulf can help keep your operations running smoothly, efficiently and safely with a wide range of available products procured by our specialist purchasing engineers either locally or globally.

With Sea Gulf you can be confident in your work processes & capabilities knowing you can get what you need when you need it. A number of our staff have been involved in the Oil & Gas sector for over 30 years, and have an extensive background in dealing with the vast range of items used in this industry

IQNET ISO 18001-2007
IQNET ISO 9001-2015
IQNET ISO 14001 – 2015
IAF ISO 18001 – 2015
IAF ISO 14001 – 2015
IAF ISO 9001 – 2015